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Energy Is The New Brain:


Surrender to Death & Begin Living

1. Energy is the New Brain—Surrender to Death & Begin Living

2. Learn how to die off old energy and create new energy
3. How to move away from being stuck in the old brain and create in the new brain
4. How to surrender to energy so you can create movement
5. Learn about the NEW energy system we are in NOW & how to create with it

About Shelby:

I am a simple girl who grew up ‘poor’ and then turned that mentality into ‘rich.’ I never in my life thought for one moment I would ever come into a label as The Texas Psychic Medium and I actually brought that label into my own world with my own energy. How did I do that? Well, it all began in 2011 when I went on what I thought would be a ‘simple’ forgiveness journey that ended up granting me the biggest gift I could ever receive: the activations of the Universal Source Energies…all of them.

For those who can’t wait to read the book about the story I will give you a bit of a teaser. I grew up always knowing that I was seeking the ‘perfect love’ and the ‘perfect soul mate’ so my journey began with my love of teaching and children. That simple yet very inspirational feeling led me into teaching school for 11 years until I had that knock on my soul that said, “Shelby, this is not what you are supposed to be doing forever, there is more in store for you.” When I heard that voice inside, my entire world changed. I got married, I got divorced, I got broke, and I got discouraged; however, I got more power in my system than I ever thought I could handle. That is when my life flipped and I forever became on a journey of something much bigger than myself or was it TRULY myself I was growing into?

I have been through it all in terms of psychic energy, energy transformations, dark nights of the soul and then some. Why? Because somewhere I surrendered and something much bigger took over to steer me on the course of what my life has now turned into being as a result of massive creations and transformations. All because I had one word with me the entire time: faith.

My faith carried me through and then in one moment, in one blink of an eye everything that I had ever wanted just snapped into place and I sat there saying to myself, “Wow Shelby, you did it, you made it, you are now finally living the dream, the dream is now the reality.”

When that occurred I quickly created my site into the new version of who I always was and yet could never express because I didn’t know myself then like I do now and no one will ever take away that glory of my own growth and devotion to myself. When this came to being in a split second I knew I had to get out there and finally fulfill my mission to be the teacher I always knew I was and yet somewhere I was still creating the energy in order to see where the gift was hidden. The gift is now the energy of transformation and I just happen to know how to teach the energy to transform. How may you ask can I do that….simply by speaking words out of my mouth and I can shift whole audiences and individuals just through the use of words and the energies in which those words allow me to utilize.

Stay curious and discover more about the story and see where it may lead you…


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Energy Is The New Brain

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Energy Is The New Brain