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Heart Powered Manifesting: The 8 Heart Powered Keys to Easily Create Your Most Fulfilling, Successful and Happy Life

Let Your Heart Power Make It Easy To Create The Life Of Your Dreams.

Does the life of your dreams seem out of reach, with you getting frustrated because the Law of Attraction doesn’t appear to work for you? Are you stuck in limiting patterns which lead to health, relationship, or financial challenges? Is life a struggle without sparkle or joy where you feeling lost or unfulfilled?

Your heart has the answer to all of this and more…!

Your heart is the source of all your power. It is the engine that will fire up the law of attraction to work for you; make your dreams a reality; set you free from limiting patterns; heal and transform challenges; put joyful sparkle into your days, and give you a sense that you are living with purpose and realising your full potential. And this is only the start…!

When you create your life with the power of your heart, you naturally expand into who you truly are, and activate success and fulfilment in ways that are magical, delightful, flowing and fun.

• Your heart will guide you to manifest what is truly part of your hightest potential and on your soul path – taking you step by step to things that your mind would never have dared to dream are possbile for you.

• Your heart will heal anything that may be holding you back from your dreams, and empower you with any inner resources you might need along the way.

• Heart power puts the vital juice in the engine that creates your reality, through delight, gratitude and joy you elevate your frequency to match what you desire, so letting that effortlessly appear in your life.

About Josie:

Josie is a Licensed HeartMath Coach, counsellor and therapist with over 20 years’ experience of helping people transform and live richly happy lives through accessing their own inner healer, wise guide and best of friends…their heart.

Josie enjoys living in the wild beauty of the Yorkshire Dales and laughing a lot with her two teenage children and partner.

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