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The Authentic Positivity System – 5 steps to overcoming any obstacle, and  manifesting from you limitless core power

Learn the big difference between “suppressive positivity” and “authentic positivity” and why using your mind to manifest goals could be causing you a lot of pain, suffering and frustration. Find out why it’s essential to get your whole body on board with your creative intentions in order to achieve success, happiness and wellbeing.

This simple system,

Usable at any time, including your most challenging moments,energetically rearchitects you to get in 100% alignment with your dreams, goals and desires.

Moves you quickly from “Suppressive Positivity” to “Authentic Positivity”, and avoids the pitfalls, and even dangerous consequences, of the former.

Rapidly unlocks your most stubborn blockages in health, love and money

Authentically empowers you, even when life feels the worst, to take advantage of the situation, slingshotting you to greater heights of success, wellbeing and joy.

About Georgia: 

My journey into metaphysics began at the age of fifteen when I was given a book on palmistry. This quickly evolved into a fascination with astrology, tarot and anything that could help me understand “why we are the way we are.”

At twenty, I was introduced to the incredible benefits of transcendental meditation, which began my lifelong love and practice of meditation techniques.

As a student of fine art at the National Art School of Australia, I had my first experiences with really being tapped into “the zone”, the space of the “no mind”, where pure creative energy flowed through me, unfettered by doubt, limitation or fear.

I believe my ability to channel energy through my hands was first initiated through painting.

In 1997 the opening of my verbal channeling centers began when I commenced my career as a stand-up comic.


Yes, I was a professional comedian for 11 years and my name, one of only 500, is painted alongside the names of many greats on the walls of World Famous Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd, Hollywood.

This was an honour I earned with blood, sweat and plenty of tears :)

Too many. Wasn’t the comedy world supposed to be fun after all?

The incredibly demanding, seemingly random, and highly competitive entertainment industry challenged me tremendously, as it defied everything I’d learned about how the world should function: in entertainment, hard work did not always lead to success.

This was an often painful and “mind blowing” experience. What I would come to understand to be one of my many spiritual initiations.

The modern day mystic no longer visits the mountain to meditate. The temple of everyday life is where we all attain our wisdom.

I learned I would have to do deeper internal work to see success manifest on the outside. I needed to find that edge, which I later discovered was really the power of my awakened soul.

After an intensive period of personal evolution in all areas of my life—mental, physical, emotional and spiritual—my gift as a trance channel medium spontaneously emerged in 2004.

I began to channel a group of nonphysical entities made up of angels, guides and Ascended Masters who called themselves the Circle of Light, and their appearance changed my life.

Since the beginning of my relationship with the Circle, they’ve guided me constantly to expand my knowledge, experience and understanding in a broad range of fields, including remote healing, the human energy field, the chakra system, vibrational sound healing, hypnosis, psychology, creative visualization, and crystal healing.

Over the last ten years channeling the Circle of Light, I’ve been blessed with many wonderful teachers, both physical and nonphysical. I include my beloved clients in this crew.

In 2007, I completed an incredible year-long training with internationally renowned healer Lynette Hunter and received certification as a Sacred Medicine Energy Worker.

I continue to train and study in the latest cutting edge “energy technologies” such as Access Consciousness – The Bars, and EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, as well as developing our own super efficient energy alchemy modalities such as RAAR – Resistance Activation and Release, and Seed Point Memory Clearing.

On July 23, 2011 another monumental event occured. I picked up the hula hoop for the first time and my life changed once again.

Discovering that this playful, creative, joyous form of exercise also had some powerful healing properties I began to explore this as a tool to assist reprogramming one of the most challenging aspects of the body/mind, the nervous system. A place where much trauma resides and the most resistance to change exists. And so Hoop Alchemy was born.

In 2014 I undertook teacher training with world leaders in the hoop movement, AnahReichenbach of Hoop Revolution and Shakti Sunfire of One Hoop One Love and am excited to bring this expansion to Circle Evolution.

I love to believe that it was psychic foresight that inspired me to name my company Circle Evolution back in 2004, when the hula hoop was but a twinkle in my eye.

This confirms to me that, even when you are blinded by current expectations of what you want, when you truly surrender to the magic of the moment, everything comes full circle, and the mystery of life is revealed.

Everything is always exactly as it should be.

As a channel my book, “The Circle of Light and the Philosopher – Another Magnificent Day – Keys for Unlocking the Soul’s Potential”, co-authored by Jefferson Viscardi PhD, is an Amazon Number 1 Best Seller.

I’ve also been featured on ABC’s Nightline: Beyond Belief and in the New York Times.

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The Authentic Positivity System

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The Authentic Positivity System