Dr. Joy S. Pedersen


Dr. Joy S. Pedersen



Clear Your Past & Change Your Future


The 3 Elements That Takes You From Problems To Possibilities

Have you ever wondered why things haven’t worked out better, or why you are not more successful even when you have done everything as best as possible, according to plan, or by following the rules?

Joy Pedersen, a gifted, intuitive healer, shares the history of the world and cause of your problems in a simple way that demonstrates it hasn’t been all your fault. Her work with Archangel Michael has shown her that you have been sabotaged by darkness. You have been manipulated with misinformation and with threats to your wellbeing to control you. From your original separation from Source until now, God explains a significant amount in this material about the cause of your problems as well as includes the solutions to them.

Now, we have a whole new world of possibilities that awaits you and God guides and invites you on those next steps. Heaven on Earth awaits you. It is time for you to experience joy, love, peace, balance, freedom and abundance.

  • Understand the true cause of your problems.
  • Understand how your success has been limited.
  • How to move from complicated effort to simplified success.
  • How to experience life effortlessly.
  • Learn what God and the angels say about the past, problems and the possibilities for change.


About Joy:

Joy Pedersen is the Founder and President of Express Success LLC. Archangel Michael came to her in 2004, asking her to join him in a spiritual healing practice and help write his book, “Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures From Archangel Michael to Change Your Life”. She is a Doctor of Divinity, non-denominational, ordained minister, Licensed Spiritual Healer and Coach helping people overcome their hidden blocks to money, relationships, business, health and wellbeing.

She has been channeling God, angels and others for over 20 years and has shared numerous messages from them.


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Clear Your Past & Change Your Future

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Clear Your Past & Change Your Future