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Master Your Destiny:

Become Your Own Best Healer Using True Healing Solutions

Experience your Soul Energy…Your bliss, the Truest and purest essence of you. Beyond disease fears and limiting beliefs, the human aspect that you “identify” as you… There is a healthy, vibrant, higher-being of Light waiting to emerge.

Through healing…transforming and transmuting fears and erroneous programming lies your Soul energy…waiting to burst open and envelope you with Love.

The activation and integration of your higher -Self is a transformational process.

Mastering your Destiny is the single most important endeavor in life. It’s absolutely imperative for your evolution with positive outcomes and for healing all disease.

Life’s mastery and True healing must involve alchemy, so that we can become deliberate co-creators.

I’ll help you find your soul purpose, your True message and unique gifts.

Crystal Removes the unconscious blocks that have been sabotaging you.

Become Empowered
Master your Destiny
Heal your Relationships
Discover your True gifts
Find your purpose
Heal traumas and emotional pain
Erase fears, phobias and limiting beliefs…that cause physical and emotional disease and keep you from realizing your true potential.
Discover your life with/on purpose

You will experience a loving, safe, supportive atmosphere where you can transform and evolve into your ultimate potential, as you release the old stories of limitations, destroy old patterns of self-sabotage, and step into the fullness of who you are truly meant to be!

What would you achieve if you could overcome fears and limiting beliefs and uncover your true passion and purpose in life?

What would your life be like if you could be free of the negative thoughts and feelings that stop you from living your dreams and achieve lasting joy and peace?

Who would YOU be and what would you do if you had no fear?

Imagine if you had the power to change all negative thoughts about yourself and others into positive relationships, empowering beliefs and feelings of peace…

What would happen if you could release all that damaging emotional “charge” that comes with years of experiencing anger, fear, hopelessness and doubt in yourself and your abilities…

Imagine if you could LET GO of all those deeply buried feelings of sadness, anxiety, grief, guilt and pain and reach a place of deep inner peace and tranquility.

About Crystal:

Author and expert energy healer Crystal Sage has studied natural healing and worked in the healing arts since 1992. She is a self-taught energy healer and has become so proficient that she guarantees results! Some of her studies include Nutrition, Naturopathy, Acupressure, Parasitology, and Herbology. After struggling with illness much of her life, she became disenchanted with conventional medicine and turned to natural healing modalities. Crystal has healed herself (without drugs or surgery) from many chronic and debilitating conditions, which include fibromyalgia, PMS, hypoglycemia, addiction, irritable bowel syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Disorder (CFIDS), angina heart pains, and colon cancer. She has also helped many others to heal with great success, all by only using Natural nutritional remedies and therapies. Her book, Heal Beneath the Surface, has over 250 information packed pages and includes many of her personal healing clients’ success stories. She developed her own healing technique, which she calls CHART (Crystal’s Healing and Reprogramming Technique.) She teaches CHART as well as the causes and solutions to dis-ease in her books and classes on how YOU can become your own best healer. She knows first-hand that ALL chronic disease can be healed if people are willing to take full responsibility and make a commitment to their health.

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Master Your Destiny

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Master Your Destiny