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The Epigenetics of your Home – Life and Intentions

The Pain – Life-long intentions elude you. Cannot actualize your dreams. Not able to fulfill deep-seated longings. Hunger for an expanded sense of who you are. Can’t move forward in your life and career. Constantly suffering from chronic health issues.

1. Puts you in the Director’s seat and allows you to direct the scenes of your life-long intentions, as you want them to be. You call the shots and as a result you live out all your dreams, bringing you happiness and fulfillment.

2. Identifies and negates triggers in your living and workspaces that shoot down your motivation. This clears physical as well as mental clutter that continually redirects your intentions to thoughts and actions that are not in alignment with your goals and intentions.

3. Brings forth your childhood imagination. You will be able to experience doing all those things you dreamed about doing as a child but on an adult stage and with confidence. What this means to you is having clarity and certainty in your life dreams and intentions and therefore make good decisions about your future.

4. Changes your mindset, which changes your body language, posture and facial expressions as you move confidently through life. As a result, people see you as successful, happy and want what you have.

5. Educates you about the changes that take place at the cellular/chemical levels of your body when positive thoughts, actions and space clearing take over. This helps you see how your clarity and certainty towards your life achievements results in more confidence at the deepest level to make your life dreams real.

About Connie:

Connie Spruill presents a new approach for stating and reaching life intentions. After her divorce she spent a short time homeless with two young daughters. Within a year of her divorce she was on the road to success because of a childhood activity she applied to her adult life that pulled her out of poverty. You’ve heard of spontaneous healing? Spontaneous success can happen as well.

Connie is an international consultant and coach and best selling author. Her high energy and life-long, positive approach to living, overflows onto her clients when she speaks and coaches. Connie’s in-depth understanding of reading people’s discontent and offering resolutions that are practical and easy to apply, has made her a sought after keynote speaker over 30 years at women’s events and small business conferences.

She is a Master of feng shui, Owner of the Feng Shui Institute of America, an international school certifying professionals in feng shui and personal development coaching.

She is the Author of Feng Shui Your Intentions and Co-Author of Feng Shui with What Have.


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The Epigenetics of your Home – Life and Intentions

Connie M Spruill

8:30 pm

The Epigenetics of your Home – Life and Intentions