Why Hypnotherapy for Addiction and Negative Habits? by Leanna Lapidus

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You may be asking yourself: “Why hypnotherapy for addiction?” Hypnosis is a powerful tool for addiction recovery. When in a hypnotic state, we are more receptive and open to positive suggestions, and have direct access to our subconscious programming, where all of our habits, feelings, emotions and responses are stored. Do you find yourself knowing exactly what you

Passion Trumps Making Do by Rhian Sherrington


Do you love what you do?  Is there enough of that passion left to get you through the long and difficult days? Do you still feel that excited energy of motivation and purpose pulsing through your veins as you approach your day’s work? No? Let’s take a time out. Passion flows when you’ve identified what

Living Fully…. “Bucket List” style! Come on Nascar! by Dr. Tatiana H. Irvin

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When my life took a serious turn, swerved out of control then crashed and burned violently 6 years ago in a devastating end of the family I had lovingly and painstakingly created and nurtured, I was forced to take a very solemn internal assessment. “What did I want to be when I grew up……. this