What A Difference Your Heart Makes…!

Heart Manifesting

What A Difference Your Heart Makes…! By Josie Wood of Heartful Living When you approach life from your heart it makes everything more flowing, fulfilling, fun…and more successful. This especially applies if you are looking to manifest something new or different. For most of us we can get caught up in our minds perspective when



MASTERING YOUR DESTINY, ENERGY HEALING & TRUE HEALING SOLUTIONS Mastering your destiny is the single most important endeavor in life. It’s absolutely imperative to your evolution with positive outcome and for healing all disease. Life’s mastery and True healing must involve alchemy, so that we can become deliberate co-creators. The purpose of alchemy and some

Picking the Perfect Partner for Your Journey of Healing & Change


We all have moments when support makes a difference. Sometimes it’s enough to have a caring person present with us or offering a little encouragement. Other times, professional skill and expertise help us to make changes more quickly, comfortably, and easily. Qualifications, professionalism, and technical skill are important and often support positive outcomes. These can

The Great Poison in our lives is Lying


The great poison in our lives is lying – unconsciously and unintentionally.  Now I really mean this:  It is lying that causes almost all of what goes wrong in our lives.  Here’s an example of how that works in both obsessive-compulsive problems and in crashing a promising relationship just as it was getting started. Fred

About Jenny – Case Study – Dr. Pologe


I have been writing about lying as a way to understand what goes wrong in our lives.  Again, I know it is a harsh word and I have reasons for using it.  (You can read those reasons in my book which is called “Stop Lying”.)  Let me remind you I am referring to unconscious lies. 

Hypnosis Myths Debunked: Why You Can’t Get Stuck In It by Susan Lawrence, CCH

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Myths about hypnosis debunked once and for all! How it works, why it works, how it feels and why you can’t get stuck in it! People believe many myths about hypnosis. I could get stuck in it! I’ll tell all my secrets! I can’t be hypnotized! I’ll come out barking like a dog! The fears

What Do Talking Plants Have To Do With Setting Intentions? by Connie Spruill

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As a young girl I would move into panic mode when I saw a certain look in my parent’s eyes when I had done something wrong.  Neither had to say a word. Their intentions were obvious.  I knew I was in trouble.   Not until I started delving into the science of why feng shui

Subconscious Sabotage by Dr Joy S. Pedersen


The 7 Steps to Overcoming Your Subconscious Blocks to Success Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to accomplish certain goals and why others have been much easier? The subconscious, also referred to as your inner child, is your record keeper. It is your memory bank and computer. It retains and processes all

The Power of Heart Breathing By Josie Wood

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Sometimes the simplest things can be the most powerful can’t they! Here is one great example. The simple and easy act of putting your attention on your heart and imagining that your breath is flowing in and out of your heart area can bring wonderful benefits. The Institute of HeartMath have been scientificially reasarching the

Makes Successful Marriage Possible by Waverly Hanson

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Waverly J. Hanson, MA Licensed Relationship Coach Licensed Professional Counselor Military & Family Life Consultant Certified Trainer Makes Successful Marriage Possible Do you agree that it would be very helpful if there were a personalized handbook to help married couples get through their marriage journey without so many bumps and bruises? It seems that most