About us

About The Transformation Summit

The Transformation Summit is the number one summit and platform connecting over 2 million students with the hidden teachers and teachings from all over the globe.

Our mission is to provide you with the tools, knowledge, inspiration and strategies that transforms your life and any area of your life that you choose to focus on.

How do we do this?

We do this…

1) By providing you with a process we call The Holistic Integration Process. Which combines a specific state of being, a small series of questions and…

2) An exposure to specific and carefully chosen teachers and teachings which we know will have a profound impact on you.

The Transformation Summit Founders – Marie & Patrick Dahdal

My name is Patrick Dahdal (#1 Best-Selling author of Q and Limitless as well as the founder of The Transformation Summit).

My background is in the personal transformation/self-help industry. For over 25 years I have been researching, studying, teaching, training and coaching many forms of disciplines such as NLP, Neuro-Semantics, Energy Psychology, Quantum Physics, Internet Marketing and Authority Marketing.

As an International Trainer of NLP and the creator of NLPQ which is what my book Limitless is all about, I have transformed tens of thousands of peoples lives all over the globe. My goal from the beginning was to create a platform that can touch millions of people all over the globe with our passion and teachings.

My goals is to further my mission of impacting people’s lives and to make that impact on tens of millions of people. I know I can’t do it alone and I’m also aware that not everyone will enjoy my style of teaching. Hence, I created The Transformation Summit to provide the world with different teachings and teaching styles so that together, we can make an impact.

Much love,
Patrick Dahdal
#1 Best-selling author of Q and Limitless
Creator of NLPQ
Founder of The Transformation Summit

The Transformation Summit

  • Revealing The 18 Hidden Teachers
  • Connecting 2,000,000 Students
  • All Session Are Free
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  • Win Our $3,000 Transformation Package

Meet Your Teachers

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