Angels at Your Service

There are innumerable angels. Different angels have different duties. Made of light, each angel is an expert in their area of work and has duties to perform on a day-to-day basis. Angels are serving God, as well as assisting you in your everyday lives. They don’t just make your daily lives easier by helping you, but they also provide you with insights. In fact, they extend you help in every matter of your daily requirements. The key issue is that many of you don’t understand how to receive their assistance. Angels are always available to assist you, both when you seek their help or God directs them to step in.

There are many ways in which angels can reach out to you. They always keep their eyes on the bigger picture. Also, they are always eager to support you, provided you ask them for it. They don’t step in unasked because they aren’t to interfere with your free will.

Angels can make your life a lot easier, and hassle-free. But you’ll need to learn how to access them. Once you become aware of the ways to get help from them, you’ll have the best guidance of your life ever. This guidance will help you discover the truths. It will fill your life with utter joy and comfort. Your life will transform.

They send you signals. They know what suits you best and do only what’s in your best interest. They expertly assess a situation and see things that are beyond your view.

If you doubt their existence or have a narrow perspective of their potential, you’ll miss out on the innumerable gifts they have for you. They can reward you with gifts in many different ways. Their expertise and vision are extremely powerful and beyond your comprehension.

The job of an angel can be broadly categorized into a) providing and b) carrying messages. They’re fully capable of performing both tasks. But, their role is often focused one of the two duties. Just like you specialize in a particular area of work, but can sometimes attend to other tasks in a job, angels too stick to their primary roles most of the time but they can also step out of it when needed or asked.

They function in a limitless dimension. You can not imagine the largeness of their scheme. If you are able to access this limitless source, you can exercise more effortlessness in your current situation. You may get over challenges quite easily. Negotiating through a situation may become much easier. You may also get a better sense of direction or you may find peace in a state of confusion and disorder.

They work relentlessly to help. It’s your willingness to ask which fuels their help. They’re always waiting and eager to provide you help in different situations of life. They don’t just transform your life, but also the lives of those who you touch. The benefits that you receive is their reward. They feel extreme gratitude for being of help to you. Whenever they help you, they also feel the ripple effect caused by it.

Though they are always eager to help, they don’t help unasked unless a life threatening situation. If you need their assistance, you must ask for it. At the same time, feel with full confidence that help is being given and be thankful for it. And trust that the help you’re receiving will do the highest good to not just your life but for all those associated. Admit that they only want your best, and it’s all being done because they can see the bigger picture.

“We hear your prayers, your cries for help and your requests for assistance almost at the moment you make them. If you only trusted us and the process more, you would have more of the answers and solutions you sought.” Archangel Michael

Through my several years of collaboration with angels, I have been able to receive assistance both personally and professionally. The scope of their work is limitless. Their level of understanding and compassion is beyond the realm of your comprehension. How far they can reach and how effective they can be is something you can’t imagine. But, if you’re willing to access and have faith in angels, the effect can be life-changing.



Joy Pedersen, a Doctor of Divinity, Licensed Spiritual Healer and Certified Spiritual Health Coach, intuitive and best-selling author, has helped thousands release their limiting beliefs and blocks to achieve more effortless success. To learn more about Joy, please watch her FREE Teaching Segment here: