Statistics of Couples Who Decide to Work Things Out

Did you know there are many couples who seriously think about divorcing and instead decide to stick it out and try to work things out between them?  Institute for American Values, NY, NY

This survey was done on these couples approximately five years later and the statistics showed that nearly 80% reported they were very glad they had stayed together. They also reported they were much happier than they had been at the time they had been considering divorce.

In addition, I have spoken to adult children of couples like this who shared with their parents how glad they were that they had stayed together and work things out. They said things like you showed us that when the hard times come, you can work things out. Thank you for working on things and staying together.

Surprisingly to some people, even adult children are greatly impacted by their parents divorcing. So many think that if they wait until their children are older or grown it won’t be such a big deal, but that is not really factual.

Of course, in some cases where there is abuse of any kind, addictions or mental illness, or deliberate illegal activities one partner has to make a healthy choice for themselves and the children.

There is often so much secrecy around these types of situations that outside help and safety plans are needed to make this work. There is help available through the library, internet or social services. Much of the time in these situations, it is a matter of protection that must be done as difficult as it is.

In closing, I just want to share again there is great hope for almost any marriage, even if just one person in the relationship is willing to make efforts to stop the pain between them and begin reconnecting once again.

I’ve been doing this work with couples for over 25 years and am still truly awed by the hundreds of times I’ve seen miraculous turnarounds in marriages over and over again.

My experience tells me that most couples do not really want a divorce but just want the marriage pain to stop and don’t know what else they can do but go for divorce.  There is hope!

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