“I’m an alcoholic,” my client started. “My father was an alcoholic, my grandfather was an alcoholic and his father was one, too.  It runs in the family.” Addictions have a tenacious hold on people.  Whether it is an addiction to cigarettes, food, or alcohol, the belief is that its tentacles around them are too large to escape from.

“I don’t drink to the point that I am really hung over bad like an old  person, it is just for me, teaching mediation and these types of arts I have to have a clear mind to really give the best of myself to my clients or my family.

It may be a subconscious fear of success or living the dream that I am holding myself back.  I don’t have a conscious fear of it.  I have a beautiful house, family, two daughters and a successful computer business, but that’s not the kind of success I am looking for like that spiritual success where every moment I feel connecting to the source.  I have had glimpses, but I’d like to be more connected.”

When a person is deep in a hypnotic state, the suggestion to access the Akashic Records allows anyone to enter this etheric library.  The Akashic Records hold’s each soul’s record of events for all incarnations.  Every thing that is experienced, thought, believed, heard, tasted, seen, etc is accounted for in the records.  When one enters the library a Spiritual guide or librarian comes forth to bring you to your records, which is in the form of a book.  Once you ask a question, your book of life will open.  It appears as a very large book, which you do not read.  You experience. It is where you can understand your life’s purpose in this incarnation and others.

Before bringing my clients to the library, I want their intentions to be clear.  I ask them to create two questions.  In this case, my client wanted to know if his current desire to make Tai Chi teaching his career enable his soul to reach its fullest potential in this life time and he also wanted to know the source of his issue with alcohol, his dependency, tendency to binge, self-sabotaging, etc?

My client was in awe of the size of the library and the rows and rows of tall shelves filled with books. He meets his librarian guide who brings him to his book.  It’s mahogany leather with gold inlaid strips.  At the bottom is the Roman numeral IV.

“I perceive this as the 4th book in a series.  But no clue what the series is.”  The response to his first question of his desire and direction to making Tai Chi his career will enable his soul to reach its full potential was answered immediately with a peek at his future.

“I am sitting on a beautiful beach with my wife.  We are sitting on the sand; it is a beautiful sunny day.  We are watching Valerie, she is playing in the shallow water with her daughter.  It is our grandchild.  She is about 2 years old. ”  My client’s daughter is currently 12 years old so I knew he experiencing a possible future.

“It is truly an idyllic setting,” he continued.  I realize we are in Hawaii.  I feel we live here, at least part of the year.  We are so happy and at peace.  I sense this is where I, where ‘we”can e if I pursue Tai Chi, being led by my heart, and with the intent being selfless service of others.  Now I am somewhere else.  It seems to be Ireland or Scotland.  Near the ocean, very gray weather.  Drizzly, misty rain.  I see the ocean waves crashing over rocks, partially covered by grass or moss.  There is tower on a hill on the ocean, kind of like a castle.  Gray rock construction.  I feel like it is the 1500’s or 1600’s.  I move back a little. I see bars.  I am in prison.  I’ve been in prison for a long time.  And will be in prison for a long time to come.  I committed some sort of financial fraud type crime.  Nothing violent, but still very wrong.  I’m a lonely, lonely man.”

Without prompting, my client went further to another time.  “It seems to be gladiator-like times.  I see a wagon; I have servants; Many of them. Men and Women.  I am a very powerful man, full of anger.

I whip my servants.  I get pleasure from inflicting pain on others.  I am a rich and powerful man.  Everything that I have was gained through the domination of others.

I am always angry. It feels I am angry for something that happened when I was a child. Not sure what happened, but I am still angry because of it.  I used it to justify my anger and domination and torture of others. I have a very large home, more like an estate.  No wife and kids that I know of.

But theres pleanty of women around to serve at my pleasures.

I die a poor homeless man on the streets.  As soon as I could no longer dominate others phyiscally, and I lost everything that I had.  As I never loved anyone, had no wife or kids, or any family.  I died a lonely, lonely man.”

I ask him what there is to learn from these lifetimes and it seems as if he has an “Aha” moment.

“It’s all a choice.  Everything is a choice.  Good, bad, indifferent.  It’s all a choice.”

I suggest he return to the records and he is met with a master.

“He tells me I must be true to what I have been taught.  I must always be authentic with my Tai Ji Quan each and every day, each and every moment.  I have been blessed to be given this gift of knowledge.  I must be true to myself and to the teachings.  As long as I am true to myself and follow my heart, all will be well. He zooms up and away, like superman.  Flies away very, very fast.  I want to follow but my feet are very, very heavy.”

In a post session discussion, my client came to the realization that the two lifetimes ended as they did because of very poor choices.

“They were all my choices, my decisions.  Even the angry powerful man – it was my choice to inflict pain; My choice to hold onto the anger and pain from childhood; My choice to alleviate this pain by causing pain in others.  Alcohol is the exact same way in this lifetime.  No matter how long or how hard I search, I will not find one particular event, in this lifetime or any others, that is specifically causing me to drink.  It is all a choice.  In other lifetimes, I chose other sinful things that slowed or stopped the evolution of my soul.  In this lifetime, I am doing the same thing but using alcohol.  It was always my choice and it will always be my choice.”

My client had a mystified look in his deep sea blue eyes as he continued his discourse.

As such, I can simply CHOOSE not to let alcohol impede my evolution.  I can choose not to let alcohol prevent me from experiencing paradise.  It isn’t complicated at all.  It’s quite simple.  IT IS ALL MY CHOICE.  If I continue to choose alcohol, I will very likely die a lonely, lonely man.  Even if I am surrounded by others, family, friends, et.  When I die, I will be completely alone inside mentally and spiritually.  But I can easily CHOOSE the right path.  If I follow my heart into a Tai Chi career serving others, it is possible for me to experience paradise in this lifetime on this earth.  If I choose the path, which has been shown to me, the path that elevates my soul, that path that I know is right for me, I can experience paradise on this earth in this lifetime.  It is all up to me.  It’s all my choice. I will experience Heaven on Earth.

Nothing anyone ever said to my client would have had the same impact as the Akashic records did.  Seeing how his decisions in his past lives impacted them, and seeing the possibilities of living in “Paradise- Heaven on Earth,” he was able to surmise for himself where his behavior would lead him in this life if he continued to drink.  At that point it became an easy decision for him to stop drinking.

By  Susan Lawrence, CCH.

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